• pruning

    SUNSHINE AND HUNGER Pruning at Weninger in 2019

    I shifted right to take a look at the position of the sun, and thought « dammit it’s only 3:45 ». For...

  • Rage

    Rage against the machine

    Design by Weninger (available free of charge for affiliated winemakers) Weninger against the machine   After a robust Facebook...

  • Bio Kompost

    Our way to sustainable farming, organic, biodynamic

    The View From the Outside When I came back from my internship in California in 1999, I had a...

  • Stein_PhilippBreidler

    Geomantische Steine im Weingarten

    “Unser Ziel ist es, den Geschmack des Platzes in die Flasche zu bringen. Das Gefühl eines Platzes kann man...

  • Lesepause_Neckenmarkt

    Der Neckenmarkter Weingarten

    bei der Lese in Neckenmarkt Schon als Kind beeindruckten mich die Neckenmarkter Weingärten. Im Gegensatz zu Horitschon wirken sie...

  • map

    Climate, Geology, Soil

    What influence has lake Neusiedler See on the climate, Altitude, Geology and Soil, everything here in this video.

  • DSCF1960

    Why grape thinning does not produce more taste.

    A philosophical and agroecological view. At the end of the 1990s a new trend reached Burgenlands red wine scene, after...

  • Franz_im_Schilf

    Reduction to maximum, less is more

    Foto: Markus Oberndorfer  When you work with nature and its complexity, you quickly realize that you will not explore everything...

  • Furmint Kalk 2018

    Growing and ripening at Kalkofen.

    Video from Franz at the harvest 2016, explaining the balance between growing and ripening.

  • hochaecker_boden


    Loam Hochäcker is among the oldest sites in Horitschon. Its rockless, hard, and loamy substratum is interspersed with iron,...