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Rage against the machine

Design by Weninger (available free of charge for affiliated winemakers) Weninger against the machine   After a robust Facebook discussion in the past year, it became clear to me how I wanted my 2018 harvest t-shirt to look.   We are known for our commitment to hand-harvesting. Not out of a dogmatic attitude but out […]

Biologischer Kompost

Our way to sustainable farming, organic, biodynamic

The View From the Outside When I came back from my internship in California in 1999, I had a clear goal in mind. I was impressed by the way Americans thought big; I was disillusioned by the copies, wineries that recreated Bordeaux or Tuscany – they felt like Disneyland. Anyone who has been to one […]

geomantischer Stein

Geomantische Steine im Weingarten

“Unser Ziel ist es, den Geschmack des Platzes in die Flasche zu bringen. Das Gefühl eines Platzes kann man wissenschaftlich nicht erfassen und so ist es auch wissenschaftlich nicht möglich festzustellen, warum man im Wein den Boden und das Klima spüren kann. Was wir verändern können ist das Gefühl, die Energie am Platz. Und diese […]

Weingarten Neckenmarkt Bodigraben

Der Neckenmarkter Weingarten

bei der Lese in Neckenmarkt Schon als Kind beeindruckten mich die Neckenmarkter Weingärten. Im Gegensatz zu Horitschon wirken sie viel verspielter. Mit ihren Hängen „auf und ab“ könnte man sie auch als dramatisch bezeichnen. Wo Horitschons Weingärten beruhigend auf mich wirken, bringen mir die Neckenmarkter Lagen ein animierendes Gefühl. Auch meine Großmutter besaß wie viele Horitschoner […]

grape thinning

Why grape thinning does not produce more taste.

A philosophical and agroecological view. At the end of the 1990s a new trend reached Burgenlands red wine scene, after the use of Barrique, “grape thinning” started to get popular. The goal was and is to bring more taste into the wine. My grandmother was not pleased at all, and I still remember that she wrote a letter […]

Franz im Schilf

Reduction to maximum, less is more

Foto: Markus Oberndorfer  When you work with nature and its complexity, you quickly realize that you will not explore everything in your lifetime. Specially for viticulture, where one has only once a year the chance to learn form his experiences and experiments . To understand more of my vineyards, I began to reduce my possibilities.  We do […]

Hochäcker Boden


Loam Hochäcker is among the oldest sites in Horitschon. Its rockless, hard, and loamy substratum is interspersed with iron, which is characteristic of traditional Blaufränkisch soil. Our forty-year-old vines produce highest quality grapes every harvest. Blaufränkisch Red berry fruit, delicate forest berries, subtle notes of cherry, spices, and tobacco. Freshly structured on the palate. A […]