Franz Ludwig Weninger

had known his parent’s small estate for thirty years when he took over operations in 1982. It was only seven hectares, but the very first year, in 1983, he managed to produce the internationally recognized Blaufränkisch Kabinett. It was a very promising beginning, followed by the expansion of the estate to its current size (28 hectares) combined with a further increase in quality. For years he has been ranked among the top national and international winemakers. The former family-run operation has grown in size, but the family has remained an important part of the estate: as co-workers involved in the day-to-day organization and administration, as namesakes for prize-winning wines, or as a new generation of winemaker who brings with him challenging ideas and his own wine experience. Now, he is dedicated entirely to the soil in the vineyard and sometimes even dreams of it at night. Meanwhile, he says, he feels much more what the vine really needs, and with his soil cultivation and biodiversity he captures the spirit of time. Thus, the silky texture and the nerves of our wines are to his credit.