Furmint vom Kalk 2018

Furmint vom Kalk 2018


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How does Biodyn taste, how does natural wine taste? How does love for nature, for life and for wine taste? Like that, it tastes just like that! Elegance, beauty and, yes, avant-garde bundled in a bottle.
Consequence, meticulousness and perfect craftsmanship are the prerequisites for bringing such delicacies into the bottle. No hipster stuff or faulty pseudo-nonsense, which can unfortunately also be encountered in abundance and enjoys great popularity within a certain scene. No, just great wine.
2018 Furmint “vom Kalk” reminds me a lot of the dry Furmint from Somló. If I did not know better, I would say that this wine tastes like Hungary. A touch of cinnamon on the nose, floral of white flowers, fresh limes. Nothing exuberant, nothing bawling. Pure happiness on the palate, finely structured, salty, crisp acidity, precise and clear, like a mountain creek. Again subtle cinnamon notes, citrus potpourri. With its 9.5 alk, it is lightweight, delicate, almost fragile. Grandiose wine. (Risto Rieger)

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9,5 % vol.alc.






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