Luka Zeichmann

Written by Franz Weninger on the 2nd of May 2019

Luka Zeichmann first came to us for the 2015 harvest during his BOKU studies. To me, he came across as a calm, level-headed individual full of positive energy. We came into contact again when he began his Joiseph project and asked me if he could make some wines in my cellar. He has been part of our team since Autumn 2016, bringing a completely different perspective to Weninger wines.

Tasting Notes by Luka Zeichmann

• Sopron weiß 2016
On the outside, this little guy seems juvenile and naive, but in actual fact, he is so clever and cheeky he leaves jaws dropping at his pranks. His teeth are full of the skins of the pears he stole from the neighbour’s garden; his shins covered in stinging nettles and a melted ice lolly in his pocket, meant for sharing with his girl. This is my friend, the Sopron weiß. A great start to a great evening and a proper way to greet the summer!

• Horitschoner Zweigelt 2015
I don’t want to give away too much here. A Zweigelt that’s just simply fun. Uncomplicated, playful and droll. Its moreish-ness is to be handled with care, otherwise Lucky Luke ends up drunk quicker than his own shadow.

• Saybritz Blaufränkisch 2015 Eisenberg
Wenn I put my nose in the glass, all the sounds around me intensify. I find myself in a warm spot on the edge of a forest. I smell sun-dried wild herbs, thistles, wild thyme and yarrow. As I near the forest, there is wild honey. It gets darker: sour cherries, blackberries and then a warm, spicy breeze. The first sip is tight and compact, but quickly, it all opens up completely. Beautiful fruit, razor-sharp acidity – I can almost feel the schist stones under my bare feet. Overall, a profound, wise wine which will plunge you into reverie and set your feelings aglow.

The Message in a Bottle is our wine subscription. Our aim here is to present to you an assortment of wines to enjoy, including interesting tasting notes from our guest authors. Our Summer 2017 Message in a Bottle is presented by Luka Zeichmann.

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