Tristan Hanzl

Written by Franz Weninger on the 8th of June 2021

We got to know Tristan last summer. With his pop-up restaurant "Tristan im Schaflerhof" in Deutschkreutz, he was our culinary highlight in Mittelburgenland for one summer. During his winter break he started a new project with a friend: under the name "Super Cattivo" they produce bitters from 100% natural ingredients. As their premises soon became too small, they moved the production and bottling to our cellar this year.

Tasting Notes by Tristan Hanzl

Her name is Petsovits, Rózsa Petsovits!
Rózsa turns 100 this year and we want to celebrate because she deserves it! Rózsa is berry, cherry, meaty, herbaceous, slightly salty and Rózsa smokes secretly!
Rózsa is what I imagine a rosé to be like.
Rózsa is just really awesome!
Dear Rózsa, Happy Birthday. Please do me a favor, stay as you are, forever!
Thank you for everything!

Green grasses (and I think this has nothing to do with my grass allergy), pomelo, cedro, pear, quince, salty, a dream of a wine!
For me even better than 2018, which is hard to believe.
A wine that goes with any time of day, with breakfast, with lunch pasta, with mowing the lawn (all tried and tested) and certainly in the evening with Brettljausn. But to be able to judge that, I would have had to take a magnum of it with me.

Admittedly, I approached this wine with a bit of respect because I did not know 100% Syrah from Petra & Franz. But completely wrong! The wine has made it very easy for me from the beginning and we have quickly become close friends!
Lightly chilled, never exhausting, on the contrary, you want to make the next sip immediately.
It reminded me of the small black Taggiasca olives from Liguria, which was very nice.
Also this saltiness paired with tobacco and dried herbs (thyme), a dream!
We had a mushroom risotto with it, which was a perfect match!

The Message in a Bottle is our wine subscription. Our aim here is to present to you an assortment of wines to enjoy, including interesting tasting notes from our guest authors. Our Summer 2021 Message in a Bottle is presented by Tristan Hanzl. He is the brain behind Super Cattivo and Tristan Pop up Restaurant.

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