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Written by Petra Gratzer-Weninger on the 24th of October 2019

Out of all places, I first met with Franz „Junior“ Weninger in Montreal, Quebec, as he was showing his craft at Raspipav, a local fair, back in November 2018. I’d already heard a lot about the wines, then my dear friend Emily Campeau went harvesting there that year, and it quickly enough came pretty clear to me - I had to try them wines as soon as possible.
I can still very clearly remember my first tasting, Franz walking me through the extensive line, from a pan-European rosé to single vineyard Blaufränkisch. But what I remember even better is the long, deep, talk Franz and I had. I’ve met countless winegrowers, from all over the world, but not often have I met with people that are so in line with what they do, so rooted in their terroir. Aware of every single little factor, curious of what to try next, willing to get out of the comfort zone for the sake of producing the juiciest wine ever. This was Franz, and it was a hell of a great time we had.
A few months later, I found myself in Horitschon, Mittelburgenland, Austria. His bright yellow winter jacket on, Franz took me for a vineyard tour. The history, the sites, the slopes, the soils, the winds, the birds... I could hardly process the amount of information he was throwing at me, but boy was this a great tour. Franz not only talks and shares like few, he also cares, asks and wonders, willing to always learn more himself, from those around him.
Visit after visit, tasting after tasting, I grew to like Franz’ craft always more, as I understood his style, his personality and the estate’s background better. I truly didn’t have to think twice, as Petra asked me, if I was interested in writing their next „Flaschenpost“, and here’s my take on the three wines of the season...

Verkostungsnotizen von Edouard Thorens

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