Hochäcker is among the oldest sites in Horitschon. Its rockless, hard, and loamy substratum is interspersed with iron, which is characteristic of traditional Blaufränkisch soil. Our forty-year-old vines produce top-quality grapes every harvest.

Red berry fruit, delicate forest berries, subtle notes of cherry, spices, and tobacco. Freshly structured on the palate. A complex wine, but not opulent. Dense and extremely concentrated thus ideal for ageing.

Orography: Gentle slopes. Mountain ridge stretching from West to East.
Soil: Gleyic Cambisol, deep topsoil, lime-free
Geology: Gravel (solifluction debris) on top of deep decomposed clay to silt originating from Pannonian brackish to freshwater sediments
Age: approx. 8-10 million years
Altitude: 234 meter

Density: 4500 vines/hectare
Age of Vines: 30-40 years

Hochäcker 2017 Hochäcker 2018 Hochäcker 2019 Hochäcker 2021

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