Clay and Loam
A slightly southeastern-facing ridge. The site with the heaviest and deepest loamy topsoil and a very high clay content. Here is where our Blaufränkisch vines planted in 1960 grow. The soil is rich in iron, which can be seen clearly in the rust-brown patches throughout. The dense loamy layer always provides the roots with enough water. Our coolest soil.

The water in the soil gives the wine its freshness and delicate acidity. The clay imparts a round palate with a tremendously long finish. Ripe berry aromas with plenty of spice. A well-balanced wine that also radiates this sense of calmness.

Orography: Flat ridge, slightly inclined to the southeast
Soil: Stagnosol, lime-free, blocky structure, high water storage capacity
Geology: Deeply weathered, lime-free, fine-grained to clayey bedrock originating from Pannonian brackish to fresh water sediments
Age: about 8-10 million years
Altitude: 242 meter

Density: 5700 vines/hectare
Age of Vines: 60 years

Dürrau 2008 Dürrau 2013 Dürrau 2014 Dürrau 2015 Dürrau 2016 Dürrau 2017 Dürrau 2018

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