Sound of Terroir

Written by Franz Weninger on the 24th of October 2013

Music as an Emotional Tasting Note

His provenance is written on his expression. Lively, refreshing, sensitive, filigree and yet clearly connected to the soils where he “grows”, just like the grape variety which influences him so deeply. Despite or maybe because of this, Franz Reinhard Weninger embarked on a quest for the identity of his Blaufränkisch wines, and has found it in music - the Sound of Terroir.

Weninger’s Wine Orchestra

In a creative process from developing viticultural-musical instruments right through to the recording of emotionally suitable musical pieces, the ensemble created a sound which reflects the palate of wines from three different vineyard sites.

When one considers that the realisation of this slowly fermenting idea happened over a few days, the whole project becomes even more fascinating. Here you can see the collaboration of the winemaker, producer and wine orchestra:

Sound of Terroir

So what does terroir really sound like? If you ask Franz Reinhard Weninger, his multi-layered Blaufränkisch wines could be interpreted using three musical pieces which sound out the soul of the wine.

The South Burgenlandian Saybritz Blaufränkisch from Great-cousin Emma Schürmann’s vineyard sounds full of adventurousness:

Its Hungarian cousin from Balf, with a view of Lake Neusiedl, has a rich viticultural history spanning 400 years. Not quiet in the least, it floods the palate with cool, elegantly spicy aromas:

What would a great grape variety be without its Poet! You will find him in the Dürrau vineyard site. The wine tells many stories linked by an unmistakeable golden thread unwinding on the palate. Profound and almost endless:

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