Nina, Anita, Martin & Christoph

Written by Franz Weninger on the 8th of June 2021

Our wines are presented this time by our cellar harvest team. This year we have a very mixed team. Martin and Nina come from the restaurant business: Martin worked in Frankfurt in the restaurant Emma Metzler and Nina came after several stations via Australia and Singapore back to Germany and started her wine studies in Geisenheim. Anita from Hamburg came from photography to wine and has already had several harvests in different regions of the world. Christoph follows more of a classic path: his parents farm vineyards in the Markgräflerland in Germany and he, too, is currently studying in Geisenheim. All in all, a very colorful and very motivated team. We thank you already now for your commitment to our vintage 2021!

Tasting Notes by Nina Thomsen, Anita Blehm, Martin Hirsch & Christoph Ziegler

"You seem to love the Hochäcker; three days of bottling seems to scorch the trainee's brain," Christoph reminisces about our first days at the Weninger Winery. However, we all agree that no matter how many gray hairs the bottling line has caused Franz and his team, just one sip of Hochäcker makes up for it all! Spice, pepper, a little sandalwood, pomegranate and a hint of wild roses, which can be found everywhere in the vineyard. After an exhausting day of harvesting, enjoy the Hochäcker sitting in the vineyard at sunset, philosophizing about the wine or simply listening to nature - terrific! The Hochäcker has power and fullness and yet presents itself with a lightness that perfectly reflects the signature of Franz.

You shouldn't be narrow-minded when enjoying the Ponzichter - or as we affectionately call it the "Ponzerl". Lightly chilled, after the press cleaning or as a tactical break filler during the press cleaning, the Ponzerl is quite suitable! If you don't have a press at home, it will still tempt you into the end of the day quite quickly. Its light-bodied and tangy nature makes it the perfect "glou glou" wine; despite everything, it stays at the palate for a long time. He combines the best of both worlds and represents the sustainability idea completely! Franz just has to make sure that the thirsty customs officials at the border crossing let enough barrels into Horitschon! And ... something else very important ... Ponzerl before Uhudler!

"Awesome!" was the first reaction to the 2014 Dürrau. The first nose reminded us of the first time we entered Franz's cellar - yeast, wood, wine, fermentation, magic .... Who drinks Dürrau, drinks Franz, but also Petra. A closed seriousness he displays at first, on closer inspection and after a while in the glass he shows his true face. He invites us to let our mind wander. It is deep, complex, multilayered, but still playful and youthful. It is marked by Franz's signature, deciding everything from the gut, somewhat wild, erratic. And then Petra joins the game, a seriousness and elegance that gives the wine its shape and reinforces its character. Simply great!

Note from Franz: 2014 was a very cool year. The wine was initially very reductive and only accessible after two years of aging. After the warm year of 2013 and with 2015 coming up, we decided at that time not to release 2014 on a regular basis. We felt that the time was not yet ripe. For us, it now presents itself at a very nice stage.

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