Oliver Modosch

Written by Franz Weninger on the 21st of December 2022

Oliver and his girlfriend once came by with the cargo bike to buy wine. I found that very exciting, as that rarely happens here at the countryside.

A year later, Oliver contacted me to ask if he could work here during the harvest. He told me that at some point, as a trained graphic designer, he had had enough of graphics and began to work on bread and pizza dough as a craft. This also became his profession in recent years.

Someone who deals with sourdough also understands wine fermentation, and so he became part of our 2022 harvest team. As an open and friendly guy, he integrates well into the team and has therefore remained with us even after the harvest. Since then he has cycled to the winery every day and before the weekend he always brings us a great loaf of bread.

Tasting Notes by Oliver Modosch

The word Blaufränkisch alone almost gives me a sense of home, after I have been connected to Mittelburgenland for a while now. But back to the wine: For me, the Blaufränkisch is fresh and intense, especially fruity. Far more complex than the often uniform mash of the rest of the region. Not boring, not stale, but youthful and serious at the same time. And then it happens that the bottle is empty faster than you can look.

My first thought are bees, I don't know where they come from - but they are there. I haven't seen any for a long time, probably because summer was a while ago. Mentally, however, I am apparently still in the warm season. On the nose, the Stein Furmint is for me rather barren and restrained but that is possibly also because my nose is still so inexperienced - but I am working on it. On the palate, however, a different picture quickly emerges for me. In the mouth, the wine shows very bold and spicy and I can only think: more of it! The acidity fills my mouth, first spreads and settles pleasantly and hums for a long time after (ha! there are the bees again). Meanwhile, I learn to appreciate acid - I used to think that I do not like it, but now I know better. After that, by the way, we had Kimchi Fried Rice, the Furmint also liked it.

With the Steiner I feel like I'm in an old Beisl (a Viennese tavern), it's a bit smoky here and the decor is sparse. But still, there's a good energy here that underpins everything. I can't make out much in the dim light, but I feel totally at ease. At every table there's something exciting to experience and grandiose stories are told. There's a lot to discover in the glass, and it certainly doesn't get boring with each successive sip.

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