The place in the leaf

Written by Franz Weninger on the 25th of October 2019

When I intentionally ate vine leaves for the first time, I was astounded at how different the varieties tasted, the character of the variety was clearly recognisable. Merlot has a very horizontal palate, and this also comes through in the taste of the leaves. The vine leaves of Blaufränkisch have a very linear taste, mirroring the way that this variety grows, and they also had the same refreshing acidity. As a biodynamic grower, I was well aware that it is possible to taste the essence of a plant, but I was surprised by just how clear it really is.

© Reinhard Gessl

I subsequently organised a small tasting of vine leaves from various vineyard sites in order to find out if the green parts of the plant already carry the character of the site.

here the link to the interesting result.
google translated article of Reinhard Gessls Blog, or read the original german Blog.

Everyone who wants to experience such a tasting himself, please keep 24th / 25th of July 2020 free. The leaf tasting will also be part of the program of our Hof-Fest. Write us a email - we will send you further information as soon as the program is ready

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