Solidarity subscription

24 bottles - yearly

at least 1 bottle of everything we bottle over the course of a year
(24 bottles in total - mainly wine, sometimes also grape juice, cider, ...)
paid monthly – delivered annually
20% discount on wine purchases at the winery and in our webshop
Price: 30 Euro (per month)

Sustainable agriculture requires commitment - especially in times like these. Planting trees, caring for hedges, keeping sheep in the vineyards, hand-picking "Rage against the Machine", growing humus on our soils, biodynamic cultivation of all our vineyards - all of these are things that we do out of conviction, but unfortunately can no longer take for granted. These things are only possible if you as a consumer are as enthusiastic about it and give us support. You can do this by buying our wines. But even better if you support us regularly and long-term with a subscription. This is how we can build an independent and steady income stream. It is the only way to build a different type of agriculture.

The idea behind it: As early as the 1960s, organic farmers in Japan and the United States became aware that sustainable agriculture also requires a commitment from customers who stand behind them even in bad times – Community supported agriculture. Consumers provide a long-term purchase commitment and pay a fixed monthly contribution.
Just as this has been happening in general organic agriculture for a long time, it should now also happen in viticulture - because we need your support!

How to become part of this different agriculture:
You support our work with 30 euros per month. After your order, this amount will be debited automatically on a monthly basis. You get a compartment in our wine archive, and with each of our bottlings we put one bottle in your compartment. At the end of a year, you will receive your harvest share (all wines from your compartment). In any case, you will receive 24 bottles from us. If we don't bottle that many individual wines this year, we will supplement the package by sending two bottles of some wines.
After ordering and paying the first month, you will receive a code for shopping in our online shop with a 20% discount.
Attention: If you would like to order a solidarity subscription together with a wine purchase, please first place the solidarity subscription as an individual order. You will then receive your discount code and can use it immediately to order wine.

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