Since 2009 we have been seeing Welschriesling with different eyes. Inspired by our visits to small Hungarian cellars, we try to find a different style for this variety. A style that would have been possible hundreds of years ago.
This vineyard is a good place. It has never seen a tractor and the trees between the vines provide shade. The steep slope gives a view up to the Styrian Riegersburg. The distance between the vines is not determined by the tractor, but by people.
The grapes, picked by hand, are brought to the trailer in hods where they are crushed. After the work is done, the harvest team goes to the Heurigen and depending on how good the wine or the food, that's how long the Welschriesling macerates with its skins. If we come back to the cellar very late, then pressing is done only the next morning. Thus, the temperature of the day and the coziness at the Heurigen decide how much must oxidation takes place and whether even fermentation already begins on the skins.
The grapes are aged and fermented in barrels. One year after the harvest we fill the wine directly from the yeast into the bottles.






contains sulphites / vegan


Eisenberg / Südburgenland






clay loess soil rich in lime, including blue-green slate soil

Cultivation method

organic, certified by Lacon AT-BIO-402

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